Council Actions

Council Minutes Highlights from March 2023 Meeting

The following is a summary of decisions and actions at the most recent Council meeting - March 16, 2023. The approved minutes will be available upon request following the April Council meeting.

Finances - St. John is operating in the red. For first two months of 2023, income was $18,151.84 and expenses were $23,879.87. The $10,000 redesignated from HVAC to General Funds has been spent. We currently have about two months before we run out of cash. Some suggestions were: congregation members “adopt a bill”. Cindy Daymont will advertise to identify another sharing congregation for Sunday afternoons.

Future of St. John - In light of current finances, for several months Council has been discussing options for St. John. Two “information” sessions were held for Congregation Members to share possibilities and receive input. Council agreed that we need to make a decision. A Special Congregational meeting will be called for Sunday, April 16, by Zoom at 7:00pm. The purpose of the meeting will be to vote on whether St. John should close or stay open. Notes from the information sessions and quarterly financial information will be provided. A follow-up meeting will be called in June to identify next steps based on the vote of the Congregation.

Pastor Priorities - Council will work with Pastor on his priorities for the next 6 months until his departure at the end of August.